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唐代 郑谷 Zheng Gu  唐代   (851~910)
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In proper proportion Songs Nagato complain 2InvigorationWang Xiang Ting
to gather mulberry leaves闷题中台五题·乳毛松
中台五题·樗里子墓Middle court Five questions peony中台五题·玉蕊(乱前唐昌观玉蕊最盛)
Middle court five questions Stack Maternal grandfather be Surname seven Transfer of title CAO Juan mind are in theallo- compeeraccompany A successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations Lu Kai East return
从叔郎中諴辍自秋曹分符安陆属群盗倡炽流毒…因有寄献Send Xu Huan End public Go Southaccompany Cibu Cao lang In Ye The code Ocean State
accompany A successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations Xu BinWrite and reply in poems according to original poem's rhyming words and Wang jia Shou see the book end school even sent the秘阁伴直
accompany The highest seat of learning in ancient times in china Yan Ming Jing Pass an imperial examination East return送进士赵能卿下第南归to see (or walk) someone home Tour Edge
To see (or walk) someone home Nine Jiangye Jun hou Seedling Ministry councillor member of gentry送许棠先辈之官泾县送司封从叔员外徼赴华州裴尚书均辟

Multiple poems at a time
ancient style poetry

Huai AND Friend allo-

   Zheng Gu

Yangtze head Yangliu Chun, Yanghwa worry kill people crossing.
Bagpipe sound from the booth a few nights, I asked Jun to Xiaoxiang Qin.
  Quatrains from the late Tang Du Mu, Li Shang-yin after a simple discussion of wind gradually Chi, lyrical, musical and image are greatly diminished. The Valley of the Seven-Zheng is still maintained longer than lyrical, full of charm features.
  This poem is the poet in Yangzhou (that title puts it, "Huai") and made friends parted. And different from the usual off, this is a future for all to go to shake hands: friends crossing the South to Xiaoxiang (now Hunan area), north to Chang himself.
  A twenty-two Scenery lyrical, awoke leave, do not focus on written chic, unique to read a natural charm. Screen is nowhere dense: the head crossing the Yangtze River, willow green, breeze, willow breeze, Yanghwa drift. Shore, the boat moored to go, crossing southern friends will go. Light of a few, like a goodly fresh ink. King of Emotion, full of Han Yun. Yiyi curl of willow, a chain drag affectionate parting with each other, draw a "willow long, hard series Yu Cong," the injury from the Italian threading; misty waft of Yanghwa, provoked by the two sides away from the blinding restless thread, hook Roam from the horizon of wandering feeling. Good Egami Willow, pleasant spring, here is precisely the situation became Parting from the catalyst, so that "cross the river to kill people unhappy." Poet dyed with light ink landscape, with a heavy pen describe melancholy, seems less coordinated early, taste the harmony between the two parties are. Two in the "Yangtze River Head", "Yang Liuchun", "Yanghwa" and homophone intentional repetition, constitutes both a light cool fluent, and loop back and forth, full of Charm beauty of wind tone, people to read deep-felt feelings of both permanent and does not seem too heavy and sad. Second sentence, although a single mention of the "crossing," but each Roam wandering, deviation from north and south, Jun worry I worry, was originally self-evident.
  "Sound of bagpipes from the Pavilion a few nights, the Qin king to Xiaoxiang me." Three, four two, from the river close to the first view from the booths do not feast, describe shake hands at the front scene. Yiting feast do, Jiuhan Everlasting, dinner from a desolate playing the flute song Mu complain. Scenery lyrical, the play is perhaps a symbol of the parting of the "discount willow" it. This flute is to talk to each other from a concerted effort to make two friends about to break up the Tour in the ear then, the relatively quietly, his thoughts lingering in the wind far and wide. Away from the flute, the sky darkened as if unconsciously, the time to shake hands. Two friends in the dark dusk each other a treasure, separate ways ─ ─ Xiaoxiang me to the Qin king. Poetry here, stopped short.



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